Sophia Appel

"I like playing the repeating game. My teacher plays something and then I have 3 chances to try to play it back. It's really fun."

Andrew Zey

"Aleksey and Sheila have been by far the best teachers I have had. They are extremely knowledgable, warm, and inspiring mentors."

Yasmine Diba

"Taking piano with Sheila has not just opened me up emotionally and with my social life, but also helped me to stay focused at school."

Brian Clemens

"Sheila and Aleksey are wonderful teachers who are smart, kind, patient, and may I dare say, funny at times! I've studied with them for 13 years and I couldn't be happier."

Ava Fattahi

"Ms. Sheila tells me stories for my songs. I imagine them when playing. I can't wait to play my new songs at the recitals."

Lars Peterson

"My lessons are really fun. I like the Art of Performance pieces because they teach you hand motions. If you don't play it right you get a bad sound. The stories help you learn how the pieces should sound."

Chloe Messian

"I love my piano classes. I learn new words and new songs, and like to play for my friends. Everyone loves it!"

Nikolai Korndorf

"The Synergo Method shows promise in addressing the key problem in today's music: a lack of emotionality."

Novin Afrouz

"Synergo is by far the fastest way for a child to develop and become pianistically fluent and musically expressive. Bravo! I wish this program were available all over the world.”

Daniel W. Smith

"I have never met anybody as knowledgable about music as Aleksey. Synergo is a great approach to inspiring a new generation of musicians."

Roman Ledenyov

"Synergo’s methodic approach to teaching music as a language enables children, even of a very young age, to feel, understand, and communicate emotions and imagery."

Zari Diba

"The two most important learning variables are the teacher's passion for the subject and care for the student. Sheila's passion and caring is unmistakable."

Jeannie Chan

"I am so glad to have Sheila as my piano teacher. She is not only knowledgable and skillful in teaching, but her passion has inspired my piano playing to be intriguing and joyful."


"Hearing students playing everyday makes me purrrrrr. When I hear Beethoven and Bach, I have the best dreams! Meow meow meow. I'm hungry now, feed me!"