Instructional Programs

We teach piano and music composition in West Los Angeles. We offer individual and duo (4-hands) piano lessons to students of all ages (starting at 5 years) and skill-level (beginner to advanced).

solo-piano Solo Piano Lessons

Individual piano lessons are a great way to step into the exciting world of music. Discover the joy in learning to convey emotions through performance. Learn music the way Bach, Mozart and Beethoven learnt – as a meaningful rhetoric system.

With our personalized approach to teaching, you will enjoy learning and understanding each piece that you play. You will be able to identify and expressively bring out each piece’s unique set of characters and images through your performance. Synergo Music Method develops natural pianistic motions and technique that will help you produce “sound-gestures” that give expression, image and meaning to your music.

We teach everything related to piano, including technique, music theory and harmony, music history, performance styles, and ear training.

duo-piano Duo Piano Lessons

Do you have a family member or a close friend who plays an instrument or sings? Have you ever wondered what fun it would be to play with them? Making music together is an emotional experience like no other.

However, making music together well, so that others will enjoy listening to it, is an art and skill in itself. We will develop your hand-ear coordination and ability to trace multiple parts at a time, so that you can easily and fluently play in an ensemble. Once you learn this on the piano, you can accompany any musician, whether a singer, a violinist, a saxophone player, etc.

If your partner is a more experienced musician, don’t worry – it’s even better for you! By playing together with them, you will learn from them too, and to your surprise, become a much better musician.

composition Music Composition

Many people can interpret and perform music, but it’s a special mark of a great musician to be able to compose music. Any performer, whether a beginner or a professional, will benefit from learning to compose. More than anything else, composition strikes a creative spark in a musician.

Learning to compose puts a performer in the shoes of a composer. This makes it easier to interpret their great works. That is why most outstanding performers throughout music history have been active composers as well.

You too can stand among the greats such as Josef Hoffman, Artur Schnabel, and Ignace Padarewsy. Composing is the easiest way to learn theory, harmony, counterpoint, articulation, notation and many other things – all in the most practical way.

And best of all, you will be able to create your own original music!