Services for Music Professionals

For music professionals looking to expand or polish their skills, there is no better way to than to learn from Aleksey Nikolsky, a 4-time winner of the coveted Khachaturian Composition Award, USSR Ministry of Culture Award recipient, and honors graduate of the world-renowned Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Aleksey teaches the following special topics, either as a course or consultation:

  • coaching of vocalists or instrumentalists
  • piano accompaniment
  • teaching how to arrange popular music
  • instrumentation
  • orchestration
  • harmony
  • polyphony
  • history of music
  • music theory
  • music form
  • interpretation and history of interpretation
  • styles of piano playing
  • musical criticism (writing on music)
  • methodology of teaching piano
  • methodology of teaching general music
  • ear training
  • sight reading
  • prosody (writing lyrics)

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